What are song stems?

A song consists of multiple layers (for example kick, hi hat, bass guitar, lead vocal, backing vocal). One sound (kick, hi hat) or a combination of a few sounds (for example percussion, vocals) can form a stem. Song stems are therefore the separate audio files, that, when put together, form your track. Each separate audio file consists of one element or layer of the song.

Why choose stem mastering over other types of mastering?

Stem mastering provides the mastering engineer more options to create the perfect master for you. This is because the engineer can apply changes to certain elements of the song, without affecting others. When choosing stem mastering, separate elements of the song can be easily changed (for example, give the kick drum a better low end without affecting the bass line). In addition, the separate stems could also be used to create a Native Instruments stem file. Depending on your music style and the instruments used, you can divide a song into logical stems. Arjan Rietvink Online Mastering can help you in this process.

Stem mastering, stereo mastering or multitrack mixing and mastering

Would you like to know more about song stems? Or about stem mastering? Contact us by sending an e-mail to contact@digitalmastering.nl. We can also tell you everything about the other types of mastering we provide: stereo mastering and multitrack mixing and mastering.

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