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CD mastering is the process between the final mixdown of your audio material and the CD glass mastering and pressing stage. Every CD released by a major record label has undergone this process. In the past 22 years we have worked for Sony Music, EMI, and Universal. We made more that 10,000 CD masters.

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When it comes to CD mastering there are 2 stages:

1. The (audio) mastering.
2. The creation of the DDP 2.0 file.

1. The (audio) mastering:

Mastering brings dull sounding tracks to life, energy to weak ones and can transform a collection of individual tracks into a coherent and homogeneous album. Whether your music is produced with expensive hardware in a professional studio with well trained engineers or at a home-studio using only a laptop with some software, good mastering can always bring your tracks to a higher quality level. Even if you are a well experienced producer it’s always good to get a second opinion from a mastering engineer and make the final tweaks in the master which gives it just that little bit more. You can also send us tracks that you really like sound wise as an example for the sound of your tracks. We have more than 22 years of experience in mastering and work for world famous producers as well as unknown artists.

2. The creation of the DDP 2.0 file:

When the audio is mastered it needs to be added to a so called “DDP 2.0 file”. This is a digital file that contains the mastered audio of your music and can be transferred over the internet to a CD press plant.
If needed we can also add CD-text, Media Catalog Number (MCN) and ISRC codes to the DDP. We will also create a safety DDP that can be played using our free DDP player software. So you can check if the files are in the right running order and if your music sounds the way you like it. You can also burn a CD with our free DDP Player software or extract the files as wav of mp3 from the DDP. When you have approved the DDP safety copy you can send the master DDP to a press plant.

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