DVD and Blu-ray authoring

DVD and Blu-ray authoring at Arjan Rietvink Online Mastering combines encoding and editing audio/video programs on one disk. This also includes menu design and the interaction between the menus and the audio/video programs. Last but not least we’ll do everything to achieve the best possible audio quality in stereo and surround. As a mastering studio we think audio is one of the most important things on a DVD or Blu-ray. For sure when it comes to authoring music DVD’s and Blu-ray’s.

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Music video DVD’s and Blu-ray's

Most of the music video DVD’s and Blu-ray’s we’ve made contains (re-)mastered audio from the best possible source available. We have developed our own surround encoding and mastering techniques, making it possible to create realistic sounding surround audio on DVD’s and Blu-ray’s. Even if there is only a stereo master available. ‘MTV Clip Classics’, ‘Damn the DVD’ and ‘Mega Top 50, De Beste Clips’ (Lecturama series) are good examples of the quality we stand for.

Live performances

When it comes to live (DJ) performances we are involved with the audio registration in most cases. We bring in our own recording engineer and multitrack recording equipment.
This way we are sure that all the signals we need are recorded to deliver a high sound quality.


We can create surround mixes that gives you the experience as if you were really there.
Recording Sensation White 2017

Sensation, Armin Only, Qlimax and ‘Carl Cox and friends’ are good examples of this.

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