We provide online mastering also known as e-mastering. During our career as mastering engineers we have worked for a variety of DJ’s/producers like Burak Yeter, Nicky Romero, Armin van Buuren, Yellow Claw and Ferry Corsten. But also a lot of unknown musicians, DJ’s and producers have found their way to our studios.

We provide:

βœ“Β Stereo mastering

βœ“Β Stem mastering

βœ“Β Multitrack mixing/mastering.

Easy to use Online Mastering Web Interface

We have developed an easy to use web interface for all the types of audio mastering we provide. The interface will guide you through the complete onlinemastering procedure. From uploading your tracks to downloading the masters. Of course you will first get a non-committal quotation when using the interface. Try it out yourself and press the online mastering button below.

Personalized service and advice

We have created several tools to communicate with you.

  • While uploading your songs you can write comments to tell us your specific mastering wishes for each track.
  • To make sure our work meets your expectations we encourage you to upload a reference track.
    This gives us an idea what kind of sound you are looking for.
  • We use a special personalized forum to ask questions and give feedback during the mastering.

Sometimes we encounter problems which can better be solved in the mix rather than during the mastering. In this case we can use the forum to ask you to make some sonic changes in the mix. So we can make a better sounding master.

Free Revisions

After the mastering you can give feedback using the online-mastering forum which is connected to your track.
Online mastering is not a face-to-face mastering session where you can interact with the mastering engineer as he is working on your music.
Therefore we offer 3 free revisions on the mastering.

Fast turnaround time

After 3 to 5 working days the mastering will be finished and ready for download.
We will notify you by e-mail each step of the way.

We also offer a priority mastering service for those who need it faster.

Affordable Prices

  • Our online mastering rates start at € 45 (excluding V.A.T.)
  • We have discounts for mastering edits and variations of the same mix.
  • The more tracks you master the lower the price per track.
  • You can pay for your audio master with Paypal, Visa, Ideal and a several other payment options.

When you have provided us the track information we will give you a quotation so you can see what the online mastering will cost. Accept the quotation, provide us your customer information and select the payment method. Now you can start uploading your tracks using the web interface.