Mix Compilations

You’re at the right address if you want to release a compilation with the tracks mixed together (non stop CD / Mix Tape). We are specialized in mix compilations. Over the years we have mixed more than 700 mix albums. We can mix any kind of music: R&B, Soul, Techno, Trance, Classics, 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, Party music… You name it, we’ve done it.
Some of our personal favorites we did over the years are ‘The Sensation Megamixes’, ‘ID&T Classics The Megamixes’ and ‘Mix Of The Century’.

Mastering of a compilation mix created by you

If you have created a nice compilation mix yourself. But you feel that it needs some extra magic to make it sound as one homogeneous mix then we can master your compilation mix.

Contact us to receive a quote. Let us know what the duration of the mix is and how many tracks you have used.

To get the maximum result we prefer 2 stereo wav files. One contains the odd tracks and one contains the even tracks. But we can work with mixes without this separation too.

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