Mastering the DVD / Blu-Ray audio for Qlimax 2012
By Arjan Rietvink in General - 01/02/2013

It has been a while since we did the live recording of Qlimax 2012. But now when doing the surroundmix for this event I am reliving it all again. Qlimax 2012 was really one of the best editions. My compliments go out to Q-dance. I am very happy with the outcome of the audio recordings. It sounds like you are in the Gelredome again. This is the first DVD/Blu-Ray mastering coming from our new 5.1 post production/mastering studio. Also the video footage is really stunning. This is by far the best Qlimax video I have ever seen, and it’s not even finished yet. The camera guys and the editor did a really great job. Hopefully we will be able to finish the DVD and Blu-Ray masters in the next few weeks so that the rest of the world can enjoy this too.

The aftermovie

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