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By Arjan Rietvink in General - 08/04/2020
soothe2 Oeksound

The most important goals for me when mastering a track are getting the [...]

By Arjan Rietvink in General - 15/02/2018
Passion for mastering

We all know that a nice CD, LP or even a reel to reel tape benefits from [...]

By Arjan Rietvink in General - 08/12/2017
Analog tape sound

Nowadays almost everyone records, mixes and masters his tracks [...]

By Arjan Rietvink in General - 18/07/2017
Lethal Soft Synth Review

We can not say it often enough, but a good mastering begins with the [...]

By Arjan Rietvink in General - 21/04/2017
Manley compressor test

For our analog mastering studio we were looking for some new tube [...]

By Arjan Rietvink in CD Mastering - 29/09/2016
Can robot mastering replace a professional mastering engineer?

The last few years a new kind of online mastering website is found on [...]

By Arjan Rietvink in Tips and Tricks - 22/09/2016
Audio levels for mastering and inter-sample speaks

As mastering engineers we get a lot of questions from customers about [...]

By Arjan Rietvink in Reviews - 28/04/2016
Review Spire Software Synth

In previous reviews we already mentioned the following. To create a good [...]

By Arjan Rietvink in General - 02/03/2016
Review Rob Papen RP-EQ

As a mastering engineer I am always looking for new mastering tools. [...]