What is online mastering?

Online mastering is a way of handling your mastering where you do not have to leave your studio to get your music mastered. By using our unique web interface you can order the online mastering in no time.

Also as soon as the master is available you will be able to listen to the result in your own environment at your own monitor system.

Although online mastering might look a little impersonal it actually is not. Our web interface gives you the opportunity to tell us exactly what you feel is needed for the mastering. During the upload you can leave us track based messages. Also you can upload a reference track. During the mastering we use a special forum to communicate with you about the mastering.

As a bonus an online mastering session is less expensive than an attended mastering session. The reason for this is simple. We can work more efficiently. You don’t need to drive all the way to the mastering studio.