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DJ Paul Elstak

DJ Paul Elstak – Offensive
(©2001 Megarave Records/MR 024)

01. Fuck off! – intro (feat. mc ruffian)
02. Rage (feat. mc ruffian)
03. Your mother sucks cocks in hell! (feat. headbanger)
04. Dirty words & bonus blowjob (feat. dj distortion)
05. Thrillseeka (paul elstak remix) (feat. stunned guys)
06. A balance for the future (feat. dj panic)
07. Get off the fucking car
08. Die motherfucker
09. This is my fuckinh house (feat. the masochist)
10. Jetzt geht’s los! (feat. dj distortion)
11. Oldschool will never die (holy noise remix)
12. We shall not be moved (feat. dj panic)
13. Rock da party (feat. mc ruffian)
14. I had to kill a lot of people
15. I need to freak (feat. dj panic)
16. Fear (the masochist remix) (feat. dj distortion)
17. Something evil (feat. bass d & king matthew)
18. The way of the samurai (tekno mix)