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DJ BoozyWoozy
Booze it up!

DJ BoozyWoozy – Booze it up!
(©2002 Digidance/DNA322-2)

01. The Boozy show (intro)
02. Jumpin’ around (feat. pryme)
03. Close your eyes (feat. joyce)
04. Booze it up!
05. Get up throw your hands up (feat. pryme)
06. One more try
07. Everybody dance! (feat pryme)
08. Party affair
09. Escapades
10. Are you ready?
11. Pizzi’s revenge
12. 328 ways to do Angelina
13. 330 ways to do Laetitia
14. The Boozy shuffle
15. Ain’t nothing going on but a fuckin’ track
16. Groove with me
17. Party affair (rocco remix)
18. Party affair (live version feat. mc hughie babe)
19. Jumpin’ around (feat. pryme) (live version)